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FAUS makes manufacturing even more efficient.

With two new functions, the operating unit for Oerlikon Nonwoven meltblown systems helps save time and materials and makes processes more reliable.

When developing products, manufacturers of meltblown nonwovens for filtration applications no longer need to determine the precise airpermeability process parameters using time-consuming trial-and-error methods. The FAUS operating unit now permits the simple setting of the desired air-permeability for any meltblown nonwoven. This is made possible by a new function: an online measurement device is integrated into the system, which measures the air-permeability during production and transfers the data to FAUS. The unit then automatically controls the process parameters within a matter of minutes, saving time and raw materials, while also allowing access to the saved parameters for serial production. To this end, both the best-possible filter efficiency and the optimum air-permeability are simultaneously guaranteed.

A second new function ensures a smooth production process: if the system is integrated into the company network, FAUS initiates the dispatching of an info e-mail to operators and production officer whenever action is required. This permits the presetting of scenarios such as nonwoven roll changes and e-mail recipient groups, among other things. As communication only takes place between man and machine, the machine is protected against intervention through the network.

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André Wissenberg

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