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Europe’s first WINGS POY system for polyamide commissioned in Turkey

Remscheid/Istanbul, Turkey, July 09, 2012 – Following the successful market launch of the Oerlikon Barmag WINGS technology for pre-oriented yarn (POY) for polyester in 2007, the Turkish manufacturer Anadolu Iplik has now commissioned the first system with 36 spinning positions for polyamide 6. This represents the first time that a polyamide project has been implemented with the new WINGS technology in Europe. “The benefits of the Oerlikon Barmag WINGS technology have fully convinced me, particularly the superlative efficiency and the quality of the yarns”, comments Tuncay Uzun, Anadolu Iplik’s CEO. The company has plans to double its production capacity in the medium term.

Since the introduction of the first WINGS technology for polyester POY processes, this Oerlikon Barmag innovation has been on a uniquely-successful journey. As a result of its leading technology, Oerlikon Textile has expanded its market share in this segment to around 55% worldwide. The reason for this is a unique process that unites the take-up unit and the draw field used in yarn manufacture into a single entity. The potentially space-saving layout of the WINGS components reduces the space requirements by around 35%, while the energy consumption can be reduced by more than 25% vis-à-vis comparable, competitors’ machines and the operating staff is around 10-15% lower. At the same time, WINGS produces yarns that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the downstream DTY process.

The benefits also convinced the Turkish polyamide manufacturer Anadolu Iplik, for which this spinning plant is the very first project with Oerlikon Barmag. This young company – only established in 2010 – specializes in manufacturing high-quality polyamide yarns. CEO Tuncay Uzun has registered increased demand for these yarns and plans, following the successful commissioning of the first project phase, to double the capacities over the next three years. In order to round off the project, a total of nine eFK texturing machines with ATT take-up unit have been delivered in parallel with an order for twelve polyamide 6 FDY positions placed. To this end, Anadolu Iplik is – within the Turkish market – currently the only manufacturer of fine denier polyamide 6 destined for use in ladies’ outer apparel, in underwear and as lining fabrics for sports apparel.

Niche markets as the recipe for success

Turkey is considered a traditional texturing market. To this end, the current development in filament spinning plants is increasingly veering towards high-quality yarn specialties, which are used in outerwear, for example. By investing in flexible systems, Turkish yarn manufacturers are occupying high-end niche markets, hence distinguishing themselves from the strong competition from China and India. “The specialization that is possible with WINGS POY also once again makes the spinning plants outside of the mass markets of China and India interesting”, explains Oerlikon Barmag’s Sales Director, Michael Korobczuk, commenting on the successful project. “For this reason, the Oerlikon Barmag technology is making a contribution towards ensuring that other regions also have excellent development opportunities within the global textile market”, remarks Korobczuk.

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