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Compact artificial turf system makes small volumes economical

Düsseldorf/Chemnitz, September 23, 2010 – at this year’s “K2010” plastic trade fair, Oerlikon Barmag will be unveiling mono-filament manufacturing innovations. Between October 27 and November 3, the company will be presenting solutions for the economical production of artificial turfs and other mono-filaments in Düsseldorf.

To permit the economical production of artificial turf production using LLDPE, HDPE and polypropylene yarns even in smaller batches, the mono-filament systems market leader has developed a state-of-the-art compact system that enables production – with an output of between 100 and 150 kg/h – at approximately 50% of the normal capacity of a standard system. The space requirements were decisively reduced as a result of an innovative 3-level hot-air oven for 1-step drawing and 2-step thermosetting of the mono-filaments. In terms of the quality of the mono-filaments, the Chemnitz-based scientists now offer an uncompromising new development and the compact mono-filament system will appeal both to niche providers and to research facilities that wish to manufacture smaller volumes of artificial turf yarns at attractive prices.

Fine-mono-filament system for high-tenacity industrial PP yarns

Also being launched at the Düsseldorf fair is the fine-mono-filament system MFE 3, which manufactures polypropylene multi-filament yarns with tenacities that have never been achieved to date (Fig 2). This system permits the production of ropes and industrial fabrics, for example, that are light and that simultaneously offer consistent tear resistance. With a tenacity of a little more than 10 g/den, this product lies between the polypropylene and polyester (up to approximately 8.5 g/den) multi-filament yarns currently available on the market and yarns made from polypropylene and polyester or similar raw materials (in excess of 20 g/den). By appointment, both systems can be viewed and examined in operation during the trade fair at the Oerlikon Barmag site in Chemnitz.

The proven becomes even better
Further information focal points at the Düsseldorf trade show include innovations for established systems and components: the FB9 tape system can now also be used to create thick LLDPE tapes for artificial turf. Whereas tape thicknesses were limited to approximately 0.120 mm in the past – as the fibrillating needles were unable to penetrate thicker LLDPE tapes – the patented fibrillating system has dispensed with this restriction. To this end, the extreme fineness of the tapes fibrillated in this manner has a positive influence on the durability of the yarn in artificial turf. For consumers, this has a favorable impact on the cost: whereas expensive multiple mono-filament yarns made from LLDPE were required to date, it will be possible to use less expensive fibrillated tapes in the future.

A new accessory – a bi-component mono-filament tool – enables the manufacture of core/shell mono-filaments for artificial turf in conjunction with the MARYline mono-filament system.

The automatic Chemcat precision winder can now also be used in mono-filament cabling machines with spiral wrapping of the yarn and for the production of artificial turf yarns in Oerlikon Barmag mono-filament texturing machines. The further-developed cutting and string-up technologies offer manufacturers considerably superior transfer reliability.

One special feature of the DD2000 double-twisting machine is its precision winder for the twisted yarn. In Düsseldorf, the Chemnitz-based specialists will be unveiling a precision winder with electronic drive and multiple switchover to other crossing ratios. This makes it possible to process even very smooth, difficult-to-wind, yarns into perfect packages. New is the optimized yarn path for high-tenacity industrial yarns in conjunction with a precision winder with electronic drive and without compensator bar for reduced yarn stress.

And new to the Oerlikon Barmag portfolio is the mono-filament texturing machine for artificial turf yarns. Consistent yarn quality is guaranteed as a result of online yarn-tension monitoring. Furthermore, the new development is characterized by it particularly-high user friendliness.

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