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Chemnitz, Düsseldorf, October 19, 2016 – the Oerlikon Barmag tape yarn concept – comprising the EvoTape extrusion system and the automatic WinTape winder – provides a whole new dimension in terms of efficiency. At this this year’s ‘K’ plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf, the Chemnitz-based tape and monofilament systems specialist will be presenting its new automatic Win-Tape XXL tape yarn winder for the very first time.

WinTape XXL promises more efficient tape yarn production

This special winder for manufacturing baler twine supports the full potential of the EvoTape system. Its maximum speed for the baler twine process is 400 m/min, with an output of 1,000 kg/h. The WinTape XXL fully-automatically winds packages with weights of up to 300 kg, with winding times of between one and two hours.

In addition to this, the WinTape XXL comes with an innovative cutting concept for titers of up to 100,000 dtex. Furthermore, the fully-automatic operation and covers guarantee a high safety standard. With this, the WinTape XXL tape yarn winder has created a new benchmark with regards to productivity and occupational safety when manufacturing baler twines.

EvoTape & WinTape – the perfect duo
The EvoTape and WinTape tape yarn solution – launched at the last plastics trade fair in 2013 – is available for numerous processes: to this end, the concept promises considerably more efficient production when manufacturing carpet backing, geotextiles, agricultural textiles and artificial turf than in the case of conventional systems. And the EvoTape 800 with the WinTape mini system is available for circular-woven sacks (big bags).

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