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Remscheid, Shanghai, October 21, 2016 – the WINGS concept continues on its path to success. Remscheid-based technology leader Oerlikon Barmag has once again expanded the process window of its WINGS family, covering an ever-wider range of applications.

Oerlikon Barmag offers WINGS concept for even more processes

WINGS POY for high titers
The WINGS POY family now has a further new member, now also including the WINGS POY HD available for processing high titers. With its expanded godet system, the new winder has been designed especially for the requirements of high yarn titers of up to 500den polyester POY. In conjunction with the EvoQuench radial quenching system, microfilament yarns with high titer ranges can now also be manufactured with outstanding properties.

Combined with the eAFK texturing machine – also designed for high titers – Oerlikon Barmag therefore now offers a total ‘From Melt to Draw Textured Yarn’ concept that produces polyester DTY with up to 450den in the accustomed Oerlikon Barmag DTY quality.

WINGS POY for all products
The WINGS XS model, only unveiled last year, marked the market launch of a solution for modernizing older POY systems based on WINGS technology. In addition to processing polyester, the WINGS POY/HOY concept also offers special variants for processing polyamide POY and HOY.

WINGS FDY with four variants
Since its market launch in 2010, the WINGS concept for FDY processing has successfully established itself on the market with a total of more than 4,000 installed spinning positions across the globe. Also being unveiled at the trade fair are ‘specialists’ for semi-dull and trilobal bright (WINGS FDY SD / WINGS FDY BR) tailored to the specific requirements of customers. The trade fair will also showcase the flexible WINGS FDY PLUS and WINGS FDY PLUS eco variants for a broader application window – depending on the individual requirements, Oerlikon Barmag now offers the perfect, commercially-attractive solution

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