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5th day of the Domotex continues: Oerlikon Neumag hosts 6th BCF technology symposium

Neumünster, February 14, 2012. After the last day of the Domotex, Oerlikon Neumag hosts the 6th BCF technology symposium at their headquarters in Neumünster to provide a forum for carpet yarn producers.

Since its launching in 2007, the annually held event attracts participants of the Domotex, the world’s leading trade fair for floor coverings, to visit Oerlikon Neumag and spend one packed and busy day on site. At the very heart of the symposium, are the different technical lectures which update carpet yarn producers on the newest product developments and latest technical expertise.

Among the experts this time was BCF developer Mathias Stündl, who presented an update on the new intermingling device “RoTac”. This model saves energy bringing notable cost benefits and also increasing the yarn quality especially with tricolour production.

The S+ for polyester was introduced by Martin Rademacher and Michael Rübenhagen, who reviewed the performance of the S+ for polypropylene and the machine requirements for polyester production. The launching of the S+ for polypropylene a year ago was a resounding success and made this BCF machine worldwide the most sold in 2011.

Also lecturing was Jean–Marc Creuset from Oerlikon Saurer Volkman who provided an insight into the e-save spindle family, the universal yarn tensioner and the integrated heat-set concept.

A presentation by BCF machine parts and modification specialists Frank Lichtenberg and Rüdiger Schmitt included a description of several modernisation practices like a newly designed controller board as replacement of an obsolete version or a camera system for yarn break analysis.

Aside from the lectures, the symposium featured a site tour during which Oerlikon Neumag opened the doors to their BCF R&D laboratory, the manufacturing and assembly halls and to the Carpet Competence Center.

In the R&D center, the S+ tricolour line for polyester ran at 3200 m/min with 1600 dtex (guaranteed production speeds for commercial S+ production lines). The Head of Manufacturing, Stefan Schäfer, led the visitors through the halls and machine parks where, on high-precision CNC machines, the BCF core components like godets, texturing nozzles and chambers as well as spin pack parts are manufactured. A real, true technical delight: the BCF S+ virtual reality plant tour, moving in a three-dimensional world in Oerlikon Neumag’s virtual reality showroom.

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