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The leading technological position of the Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions Division is based on a corporate culture that places great value on futureready developments and close partnerships.

Sustainability for Life | Oerlikon

The influence of ergonomically designed components and machinery is often underestimated.

Optimally designed equipment supports the ecological balance in many ways: labour costs and downtimes for maintenance are dramatically reduced – consistent quality and efficient production are ensured.

The functionality and thus the productivity of a component, machine or system is always directly related to its service ability.

Often it can be invisible details that make the job much easier for the staff when deployed in practical operation and only then make the true value of an investment comprehensible.

With the integrated approach underlying the design of Oerlikon Manmade Fibers products, which represents a further core element of the e-save thinking, we take account of the needs of companies and people in equal measure. In addition to rational considerations, ergonomic knowledge also forms the basis for the design of clearly structured and easy to grasp operating and control elements.


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Profitable, sustainable growth for all stake holders is the goal and our company is thus making its contribution to securing the future. Performance, quality, sustainability and passion are the factors that enable us to face the challenges of the future day by day. By expanding our e-save philosophy consistently we are increasing value through high-quality innovative industrial solutions, continuously.

Since 2004, all innovations of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers division are developed with the four e-save aspects in mind.

In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, we are committed to the following 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: