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Lifecycle Management

Your production systems are the capital behind your success, now and in the future. Maintain and improve the future-readiness of your machines for this reason. We offer you solutions to enhance and safeguard performance up to entry into new markets. We’re your partner for profitable business over the entire lifetime of your machine.

Your future – our partnership

In the race for markets and products, textile technology is becoming ever more efficient and complex. Match the performance level of your installations systematically to rising standards and your own demands, therefore, to remain profitable and successful. We are constantly developing wide-ranging solutions in cooperation with fibre manufacturers, especially for older generations of machines and technology. The bottom line for us is the maximum profitability of your business in the long term. As your partner we offer leading technologies and services for your long-term competitiveness, from upgrades and modernisation to preventive maintenance and repair using original parts.

Focus on your core business with ur customised services

Modernisation: remain future-proof

The desire for manageable, worthwhile investment in technical developments with a defined benefit and to remain fit for the future is increasing. Our offers for modernising systems and components along with suitable retrofit solutions can help without you having to change your existing machine concept:

  • Modernised components for increasing service life, production volume or product quality and for improving processes.
  • Special solutions as a replacement for products that are no longer available, such as electrical modules and components, for instance.
  • Modernisation to improve efficiency, cost savings or to meet statutory regulations, for example fitting energy-saving components (e-save solutions).

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