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Lifecycle Management

Your production systems are the capital behind your success, now and in the future. Maintain and improve the future-readiness of your machines for this reason. We offer you solutions to enhance and safeguard performance up to entry into new markets. We’re your partner for profitable business over the entire lifetime of your machine.

Your future – our partnership

In the race for markets and products, textile technology is becoming ever more efficient and complex. Match the performance level of your installations systematically to rising standards and your own demands, therefore, to remain profitable and successful. We are constantly developing wide-ranging solutions in cooperation with fibre manufacturers, especially for older generations of machines and technology. The bottom line for us is the maximum profitability of your business in the long term. As your partner we offer leading technologies and services for your long-term competitiveness, from upgrades and modernisation to preventive maintenance and repair using original parts.

Focus on your core business with ur customised services

Maintenance: individual contracts

With a regular servicing regime you secure the technical reliability and future-readiness of your machines and extend their life cycle. The more tasks you transfer to our specialists, the fewer fixed costs and the less expenditure you yourself bear for your own staff and for training them. We offer a variety of configuration options and high service transparency for this:

  • Contracts with flexible maintenance intervals, e.g. weekly, monthly, intervals of several months, annually.
  • Contract terms of up to 5 years can be agreed individually.
  • Customised scheduled maintenance programmes at various levels up to preventive maintenance with regular updates and equipment monitoring.
  • Flexible involvement of our service personnel up to full service to lessen your staff workload (on-site maintenance workshops).
  • Measurable servicing and production performance due to KPIs, reports and reliable documentation via maintenance/ repair checklists.
  • Support from our service stations located close to the customer or an on-site workshop directly in your plant.

By the way: We also service third-party equipment – talk to us!

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