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Partnering for Performance

Customer Services at a glance

Our Customer Services department of Oerlikon Manmade Fibers division has one allembracing mission: we want to make your production increasingly efficient and productive, and your business increasingly competitive and profitable. To do this, we offer you a close working relationship – partnering for performance.

Our services for your success

Textile technologies are becoming ever more efficient and flexible, opening up great opportunities to enhance your competitiveness. At the same time, this progress accelerates the race in the market. To be able to keep up and react swiftly to a changing market situation, it is important to maintain and expand your technical capabilities and to utilise them properly.

To achieve these, we place emphasis on a close, trusting service partnership with you to ensure reliable production and gain a technological edge, to secure your investment and to guarantee success in the future. Together let us exploit the strengths of our technologies for your business.

Our goal: your operational efficiency

Through our partnership we want to increase your operational efficiency to best effect. With this in mind, we focus on optimising your operating and manufacturing processes, your system and logistics management and the acquisition of further skills by your staff. Your success grows with the interplay of all the factors involved.

For this we offer you the performance of a technology leader with a unique global service network, along with highly qualified service and engineering experts. We will advise and support you in all phases of your business along the entire value creation chain of fibre production:

  • with start-up services for the installation or relocation of your systems,
  • with technical support round the clock,
  • with modern services for maintenance and repair, performance enhancement and staff training, and
  • with modernisation and upgrades from the manmade fibre specialist.

Whatever you need, you can select services tailored to those requirements from a service portfolio that is unique in the industry.