Thermal Spray Coating Re-Conceptualized

Surface One™ incorporates three spray processes, spray gun and part handling systems and powder feed technology into one compact machine. The world’s first thermal spray coating machine significantly improves productivity on your production floor. Benefit from improved reliability and reproducibility, higher production availability and better mobility.

Maximum reliability and availability

Improved process control and production management reduce costly rework and time consuming maintenance.

Boost productivity while eliminating errors

The unique user interface makes controlling your entire production process as easy as plug and spray.

Standardized and modular design

Benefit from faster production start-up, flexibility to upgrade the system when necessary and minimized disruption of your operations.

Full mobility

Relocating and recommissioning Surface One is simple and easy. Ensure your production flexibility and reduce downtime.

Compact construction

The machine packs into a standard shipping container and requires 20% less of your floor space while providing easy access to all operating components.

Improved health and safety

Surface One enables safe access to auxiliary systems and reduces dust build-up with an innovative airflow concept.


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