measurement object for roughness Qualification

What is the morQ?

The morQ is a new generation test specimen developed to assess and optimize the AM value chain with a specific emphasis on surface quality and geometrical accuracy.

Think #3DBenchy for powder bed fusion.

The test specimen contains a variety of flat surfaces with different build orientations and a wide range of geometries to form a challenging part to print and post-process. Additional features can be added to support specific application needs. The morQ functions to test the boundaries of AM and post-processing including the application of coatings. Engineers can employ this specimen to optimize processes for component performance.

How to use the morQ

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  • Print/ Analyze
  • Features
  • Naming conventions
  • Measure/ verify
  • Case study

Make a plan

1. Build morQ on an AM system

  • Optimize build parameters
  • Develop process parameters for new materials
  • Transfer build parameters between machines
  • Post-process the surfaces

  • Optimize surface finishing processes
  • Assess new surface finishing technologies
  • Evaluate geometrical tolerances
  • Apply coatings (optional)

  • Enhance AM component performance
  • Evaluate functional surfaces and test improved properties
  • Oerlikon Metco coating solutions
  • Oerlikon Balzers coating solutions
  • 2. Perform full analysis

  • Quantify surface texture (primary, waviness and roughness in all build directions)
  • Evaluate geometric features
  • Feed back results for optimizing the design-to-part process
  • Typical surface texture measurements shown
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