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Similar to

718 Nickel Alloy (2.4668)

Ni 18Cr 18Fe 5 (Nb+Ta) 3Mo 1Ti 0.6Al

AMS 5662

738 Nickel Alloy Modified

Ni 17Cr 7(Al+Ti) 9Co 0.1C  2Mo 1.5Ta 0.06Zr

AMS 5410

625 Nickel Alloy (2.4856)

Ni 21Cr 9Mo 4Fe 4(Nb+Ta) 0.4Al 0.4Ti

AMS 5666

Nickel Alloy X (2.4665)

Ni 21Cr 18Fe 9Mo

AMS 5536

Nickel Alloy 230

Ni 22Cr 2Mo 14W 0.35Al 0.03La

AMS 5891

Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum (F75)

Co 28Cr 6Mo

ASTM F75, ISO 5832-4, UNS R31538

188 Cobalt Alloy

Co 22Ni 22Cr 14.5W

AMS 5772, AMS 5608

509 Cobalt Alloy


Cast Mar-M-509

316L Stainless Steel (1.4404)

Fe 18Cr 12Ni 2Mo 0.02C

AMS 5424, UNS S316603

17-4PH Stainless Steel (1.4542)

Fe 17Cr 4.5Ni 4Cu 0.3(Nb+Ta) 0.07C

AMS 5643

15-5PH Stainless Steel (1.4545)

Fe 15Cr 4.5Ni 3.5Cu 0.3Nb 0.07C

AMS 5659

18 Ni Maraging Steel (1.2709)

Fe 18Ni 9Co 5Mo

AMS 6514

H11 Hot Work Tool Steel (1.2343)

Fe 5 Cr 1Mo 1Si 0.5 V 0.4 C

UNS T20811, ASTM A681, SAE J437, AMS
6487 and Werkstoff No. 1.2343 / X37CrMoV 5-1.

H13 Hot Work Tool Steel (1.2344)

Fe 5Cr 1Mo 1Si 1V 0.4C

AMS 6408, AISI H13, ASTM A681, SAE H-13

Ti-6Al-4V ELI Grade 23 and Grade 5


ASTM B348-13 Grade 23 and Grade 5 ASTM F136-13, ASTM F1472-14, ASTM F1580-12, ASTM F3001-14

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