Do More With Less

The DiamondJet™ Vortex ID-125 spray gun is the result of close collaboration with major applicators of inner diameter HVOF coatings and Oerlikon Metco’s ability to design innovative, efficient thermal spray technologies. With the DiamondJet Vortex ID-125, the issues previously faced to apply ID HVOF coatings are a thing of the past, including marginal coating quality, time-consuming gun maintenance and handling difficulties. Now, you can boost the performance and productivity of your ID HVOF coating process for narrow spaces and bores as small as 125 mm (5 in).

Small Dimensions - Big Performance


Every aspect of the DiamondJet Vortext ID-125 gun contributes to consistent and trouble-free performance. The axial alignment of the gun and optimized powders ensure a reliable process and repeatable coating quality. Benefit from coating properties that meet or exceed typical HVOF specifications

Increase the efficiency of your coating process

  • Vortex technology minimizes energy loss
  • Axial powder injection increases deposition efficiency

Reduce maintenance interruptions and costs 

  • Minimized number of parts simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime
  • Reduced consumable costs thanks to increased part lifetime

Ensure reliable and repeatable coating quality

  • Axial gun design results in improved process reliability and quality
  • Optimized powders improve coating properties


Novel HVOF Technology for Small ID Spraying
The paper presents an innovative approach to ID spraying: a combustion HVOF torch stabilized using a vortex gas flow in lieu of a conventional combustion chamber. This approach allows for a small build with a minimum number of spare parts, thereby making maintenance as fast and easy as possible and increasing productivity.

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