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In any given working environment, the lifetime and performance of components is influenced by the phenomena it will encounter, such as corrosion, wear, fatigue, thermal effects, etc. An optimal solution requires a deep understanding of the purpose and the environment to which the component will be exposed.

Whether on the surface or beyond, Oerlikon Metco provides economic solutions to enhance components’ lifetime, performance and reliability. The functional solutions here are some of the many where Oerlikon Metco’s application-tailored methodology has successfully solved the design challenges faced by our customers.

The use of coatings to manage thermal energy is well known. Applications range from thermal insulation, thermal conductivity, and the management of other thermal effects. Coating solutions developed by Oerlikon Metco result in excellent management of thermal effects. Our solutions provide industry with: Components and systems that work more efficiently, Long-lasting solutions that help reduce operational costs and Solutions that help reduce the cost of manufacturing. We work to continually improve our materials technology to meet today’s evermore demanding requirements and our application technology to apply these coatings more reliably and at lower cost.

Thermal Conduction

Thermal conductivity promotes the transfer of thermal energy via conduction from one area to another. This phenomenon is useful for any heat transfer process. Typically, coatings of aluminum or copper are used to enhance thermal conductivity and help ensure even heat distribution.

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Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation prevents or reduces the transfer of thermal energy from one area to another. Insulation can be used to prevent components from becoming too cold or too hot. The heat can be transferred via convection, conduction, radiation or a combination of heat transfer processes.

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Thermal Absorption

Thermal absorption is the ability of a surface to absorb one type of energy, typically light energy, and transform it into thermal energy.

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