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In any given working environment, the lifetime and performance of components is influenced by the phenomena it will encounter, such as corrosion, wear, fatigue, thermal effects, etc. An optimal solution requires a deep understanding of the purpose and the environment to which the component will be exposed.

Whether on the surface or beyond, Oerlikon Metco provides economic solutions to enhance components’ lifetime, performance and reliability. The functional solutions here are some of the many where Oerlikon Metco’s application-tailored methodology has successfully solved the design challenges faced by our customers.

The following terms are required to understand the EMC requirements of various electrical and electronic systems. Many of these requirements are enforced by legislation and regulations. Such regulations are expected to become more stringent with the proliferation of electronic equipment and devices.


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) are electromagnetic emissions from a device or system that interfere with the normal operation of another device or system. Also referred to as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

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