Our KnowHow sets the Standards. Custom engineering and design support

Our KnowHow sets the Standards.

Friction Systems provides custom engineering and design support including performance calculations, system integration and tolerance stack analysis, 3D modeling, space claim investigations, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We offer a global test support capability with R&D centers in nearly all our locations which can fully support our customer base in the early development stages and through the program life.

OEM approved test rigs

Utilizing OEM approved test rigs and equipment, Friction Systems conducts initial friction material and tribology development through to full evaluation of synchronizer component modules, full system development and in vehicle shift quality analysis. This enables realistic testing in the early material and component development stages.


Research & development
R&D at Friction Systems with you always in mind:
  • Full custom engineering
  • Specific and OEM approved testing
  • Local engineering support
  • CAD and FEA
  • Prototyping

Research and development for you – this is the motto that guides Friction Systems. Our engineers and technicians are always working on proactively improving, enhancing and further developing high performance synchronizer modules and components in close cooperation with our customers. In fact, every single one of our ten locations is dedicated to finding the answers to the challenges of tomorrow. Our global engineering support and test centers ensure that results will always be transparent, comparable and 100% dependable. We work together with a variety of leading universities in order to push our continuous improvement strategy forward. We are sharing the latest data, newest innovation and lessons learned from all our sites. This know-how and experience, in turn, is available to all our locations and, most importantly, to our customers.

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