Synchronizer Components

Synchronizer Components

When it comes to synchronizers for passenger, commercial and off-road vehicle transmissions, Oerlikon Metco is your best choice. Key benefits of our synchronizer components include: increased performance, excellent oil compatibility, enhanced comfort, increased durability, lower weight, and reduced cost.

High-performance carbon synchronizer components

Our technology can be found in most modern dual-clutch transmissions. We develop and manufacture high performance carbon synchronizer components for passenger, commercial, and off-road vehicles. These components enhance transmission performance through:

  • Smoother and harmonic shifting
  • Shorter shift times
  • More precise shifting
  • Longer lifecycle, offering excellent value for money

Our components are available for single, double, or triple cone synchronizers. The preferred solution for modern transmissions is synchronizer components made of stamped steel sheets with carbon friction materials.

Key benefits of our synchronizer components

  • Increased performance
  • Excellent oil compatibility
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Increased durability
  • Lower weight
  • Lower cost

Broad range of high-performance friction materials

We apply highly innovative Carbon friction materials as well as proven Thermal Spray materials, such as Brass and Molybdenum. As the global leader in friction technology, Oerlikon Metco offers a wide range of materials including:

  • Carbon-Composite (EF 2743 and EF 2861)
  • Two-Layer Carbon (EF 5010 and EF 8000)
  • Woven Carbon (EF 9010, EF 9020, EF 9140, EF 9510, EF 9520)
  • Thermal sprayed Molybdenum (EF 3000)

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