Production & Know How

Production & Know How

In close cooperation with our OEM partners, we design, develop, and manufacture synchronizer components for the latest transmission technology. These products are tested with OEM-approved test equipment and laboratories.

Production of synchronizer components

We develop key technologies for tooling and process design in-house to quickly implement even the most challenging customer requests. In addition to manufacturing top-quality products, we are committed to continuous improvement of our process through:    

  • Developing cost-effective solutions 
  • Implementing specific requirements
  • Achieving maximum customer satisfaction 

OEM partnership

Through many years collaborating with transmission and automobile manufactures, we have developed industry-leading coated synchronizer components that enhance shifting comfort and speed. We help OEMs develop and design new transmissions, for example to reduce the design and complexity of components. We also have the expertise and equipment to produce synchronizer components with various friction materials.

OEM-approved testing

We evaluate the products we design in our technology laboratories on OEM-approved test beds and in our own test vehicles. This enables us to perform realistic tests in the early material and component development stages. Our close cooperation with customers enables us to meet their specific needs and comply with the most stringent requirements.

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