Weld Hardfacing Materials

Weld Hardfacing Materials

Our WOKA carbide-containing weld overlay products for oxy-acetylene and arc welding create deposits with excellent wear and abrasion resistance. The overlays produced by our WOKA weld hardface products metallurgically bond with the substrate for use in highly stressed environments.

Oxy-acetylene welding products

  • Carbide-containing solid rod products: High abrasion resistance
  • Filled or composite rod products: Maximum abrasion resistance

Arc welding products

  • Wire
  • Cored wire
  • Electrodes
  • Sintered electrodes

Expert manufacturing for products with superior service

Our nickel-, iron-, and copper-based matrix chemistries are designed to suit specific application and corrosion conditions. We precisely control carbide size and shape, offering a range from very fine carbides through large, tetrahedral cemented carbides for cutting applications.

To accommodate specific wear or impact conditions, we offer the following options for carbide manufacture type:

  • Macrocrystalline carbide
  • Cemented carbide
  • Cast carbide

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