Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Powder Materials

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Powder Materials

Designed to withstand rough environments, our carbide Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) powders meet the tough challenges of the petrochemical and mining industries. Our superalloy PTA powders are compatible with substrates of similar chemistry for applications such as restoring gas turbine components.

Carbide Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) powders

Typically for hardfacing, we have designed our PlasmaDur PTA welding products to protect parts exposed to high abrasion and impact wear. We tailor our products for specific earth formations, silts, and gravel contents. Our consideration for on-site conditions reduces unscheduled replacement costs for worn parts. We offer a range of carbide content from 40 – 70% to best match your PTA application requirements.

We offer two constituent carbide material options for our powders:

  • Mono Tungsten Carbide (MTC):
    • Fully carburized stoichiometric compounds
    • Stable single-phase microstructure
    • Does not dissolve during processing
    • Not prone to matrix metal embrittlement or cracking
  • Fused Tungsten Carbide (FTC):
    • Used when better impact resistance is needed

Our matrix materials are high-quality gas-atomized self-fluxing alloys. We offer a hardness range from 30 to 60 HRC to best match your specific application.

Typical applications

  • Oil sand extraction
  • Lignite mining
  • Petrochemical exploration, drilling and extraction 

Superalloy Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) powders

Our Amdry superalloy materials are gas atomized for consistent composition and repeatable results, then sized for the PTA process. For repair of worn components, we have powders formulated to match the substrate chemistry of your component. We also have specialized overlay powders for components where an oxidation and corrosion resistant surface is desired. Regardless of which product you require, our Amdry superalloy materials will significantly reduce your maintenance and replacement costs. 

Typical applications

  • Restoring gas turbine components
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