Gold Clad Conductive Filler

Gold Clad Conductive Filler

E-Fill gold-clad powders offer significant cost saving over pure gold powders without reducing performance. These products are environmentally stable, highly conductive, and ideal for filler applications. Our optimized manufacturing procedures tailor the product for your application.

Reduce cost without compromising the quality of your product

Our nickel-gold clad composite powders offer significant cost savings and performance benefits over traditional gold-based conductive polymer additives for electronic packaging applications. We expertly design materials that meet, or exceed, your performance and cost targets. We can further reduce cost and optimize performance using our low-density and non-spherical core materials.

Optimized manufacturing

We have the flexibility to create unique products, customized for your application, using proprietary, integrated, manufacturing processes. Our technology ensures superior product performance, consistency, and control. Our nickel-coating process produces a ferromagnetic pure nickel coating. These ferromagnetic properties are maintained through the gold coating process, resulting in a coated composite material that can be magnetically manipulated to optimize the orientation of the material when loaded.

To fully optimize your end-product performance, we tightly control our powder properties for:

  • Filler gold content
  • Density
  • Morphology
  • Composition
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Custom materials are also available upon request
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