Activated Diffusion Alloys

Activated Diffusion Alloys

Economically repair and restore critical superalloy components in aircraft and power generation gas turbines with our Amdry diffusion braze alloys. These alloys eliminate the detrimental effects of silicide formation by only using boron as the melt depressant and diffusion activator.

A repair technology for critical applications

Diffusion alloys are proven materials for repairing superalloy blades, vanes, and other hot section turbine components.

The right options for your specific application

  • Nickel- and cobalt-based diffusion alloys
  • Chemistries based on substrate superalloy compositions for compatibility
  • Chemistries available for use in deep cracks and fissures
  • Can be blended with our Amdry superalloy powders for use in wide-gap repairs
  • Available as powders, pastes, or customized preforms

Superior manufacturing

  • Tightly controlled production and testing ensures compliance and repeatable performance
  • OEM-approved for use on many types of engine components

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