Thermal Spray Turnkey Coating Systems

Thermal Spray Turnkey Coating Systems

From initial consult through start-up—and beyond, Oerlikon Metco’s turnkey system expertise is your single source for a custom-engineered package designed for production efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

State-of-the-art turnkey systems are self-contained manufacturing facilities designed as individual production units for handling many different types of parts on a daily basis or fully integrated cells for mass production lines.

  • Manipulation systems are custom designed for the size, geometry and daily processing requirements for your parts
  • In-depth initial consult to understand your needs and budget
  • Detailed quotation package and sign-off on engineering drawings
  • Assembly and test at our facilities to ensure proper integration and functionality
  • Fully integrated safety protocols enhance your risk management programs
  • Installation supervision and start-up at your facility
  • Operation and maintenance training for your staff

Key turnkey system offerings

A consistent development program of process hardware and software, as well as an extensive exchange of experience with users in a wide-range of industries, has allowed us to develop a full range of turnkey systems that meet customer requirements.

  • Core thermal spray technology
  • Single and multiple process systems
  • Control and management systems
  • Integrated robotic handling systems in a variety of high-level problem-solving designs
  • Work stations designed for highly efficient production
  • Customized handling designs for demanding and highly technical applications 

The following listing of turnkey systems is exemplary and illustrates Oerlikon Metco’s comprehensive capabilities in industrial engineering and design:

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