9MC Series Plasma Spray Systems

9MC Series Plasma Spray Systems

We engineered out 9MC plasma spray system for the specialized coating needs of the aviation industry, while still serving conventional industrial applications. The 9MC utilizes Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology for enhanced accuracy and control of the plasma spray process.

Key characteristics

  • Rotameter gas metering system
  • Real-time monitoring of process parameters
  • Automatic operation of a wide range of plasma spray guns
  • Easy-to-read LED message and alarm display
  • Centralized monitoring of system status and conditions
  • Multisystem operation; master / slave configuration capability
  • Interfaces for workpiece handling equipment, gun manipulators, and exhaust systems
  • Dual-gas “soft-start” ignition minimizes nozzle wear




Control type

Semiautomatic, PLC-based control

Plasma power control capability

Up to 80 kW

Process gasses

Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen

Gun compatibility

3MB, 9MB, 11MB, F4MB-XL, and others

Feeder compatibility

9MP Series, 5MP Series


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