LD/U3 Electric Arc Wire Spray Gun

LD/U3 Electric Arc Wire Spray Gun

The LD/U3 arc wire gun is a proven anti-corrosion gun applying on-site coating work in harsh environments such as off-shore, marine and steel structures.

Key characteristics

  • Integrated safety handle prevents injury if gun is dropped
  • Lightweight for long spray runs
  • Instantly start or stop the spray process
  • Consistent wire feed through push-pull coordination
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Extension modules to access hard-to-reach areas
  • Applies zinc, zinc-aluminum, aluminum, and aluminum-magnesium coatings


Maximum current

600 A

Maximum voltage

42 V


3 kg (6.6 lb)

Controller compatibility

EcoArc 250, EcoArc 350, EcoArc 600

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