Up To 400% Efficiency Gain Without Compromise

When our customers challenged us to improve the efficiency of their plasma spray process, we revolutionized the heart of the system with efficiency gains of 60% to 400%.

Benefits gained with Oerlikon’s cascading arc technology

  • Considerably higher spray rates that reduce processing time without compromising coating deposit efficiency or quality
    • TriplexPro-210: Up to 400% efficiency improvement and up to 200 hours spray time with little to no process drift
    • SinplexPro: Typically 60% to 170% efficiency improvement and up to 100 hours spray time with little to no process drift
  • Improved deposit efficiency
  • Reduced process drift which improves process reliability
  • Longer life of replaceable gun components, further decreasing processing costs

Why conventional plasma spray technology needed improvement

In conventional plasma spray guns, a complex interdependence of the process gases and the plasma arc cause temperature and energy variations within the plasma jet. This results in non-uniform heating of the feedstock powder particles, limiting the amount of powder that can be effectively fed into the plasma jet.

Up To 400% Efficiency Gain Without Compromise

Why cascading arc technology is more efficient

With cascading arc technology, the plasma arc is independent of the gas type and flow, resulting in a more homogeneous heating of the plasma particles. Maximum benefits are achieved using the TriplexPro triple-cathode gun. The SinplexPro single cathode gun provides excellent results with minimal investment cost.

TriplexPro or SinplexPro? Let’s discuss which is right for you.

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