MetcoClad System for Laser Cladding

MetcoClad System for Laser Cladding

Our MetcoClad systems have the flexibility to develop cladding strategies to process a wide range of workpiece geometries. Customers from general industry to gas turbine suppliers benefit from our long experience in laser cladding services and system design expertise.

Choosing Oerlikon Metco as your partner gives you much more than a laser cladding system supplier. We have decades of laser cladding production experience with customers that range from general industry to aerospace. Combine that with our renowned experience in the design of fully integrated, robotic thermal spray systems and you have a partner with unrivalled credentials.

The MetcoClad system combines Oerlikon Metco’s long-standing experience in thermal spray equipment and Laser Cladding applications. Its features and benefits are driven by customer requirements and our own job-shop-experience.

The MetcoClad system includes

  • A diode laser as the energy source for the laser cladding process
  • Oerlikon Metco powder feeder technology with a track-record in Laser Cladding that goes back to 1990
  • Oerlikon Metco powder nozzles
  • Oerlikon Metco Laser Cladding controller for process monitoring
  • Robotic handling for process head and workpiece movement
  • Safety cabin and exhaust

MetcoClad systems have soundly integrated systems components for

  • Simple operability and low error rate
  • Reduced set-up effort in production
  • Flexibility for processing a wide range of workpiece geometries and cladding strategies
  • The ability to clad multi-dimensional surfaces using a single cladding strategy (e.g. “3D cladding”)
  • Remote maintenance and customer support by our engineers that save you time and cost

A MetcoClad system installation can be supported by

  • Training in Laser Cladding basics
  • Application development and support
  • Pilot lot and production ramp-up services with our MetcoClad system in Wohlen, Switzerland
  • MetcoClad Laser Cladding powders for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and general surface build up and restoration
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