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Download a sample of the solutions Oerlikon Metco offers for the Mining Industry

Increasing Customer Value in Competitive Market Environments

Achieving More with Less

Our ambition at Oerlikon Metco is as simple as it is challenging: We empower our customers to achieve more with less. That means greater performance, higher efficiency, longer machine and component life, higher productivity and — ultimately — better profitability. And all this with fewer precious and scarcer resources, and at lower cost, resulting in sustainability and an attractive cost-performance ratio.

Download Solutions

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    Product Data Sheet: Woka 7101, Woka 7102, Woka 7103, Woka 7104, Woka 7105, Woka 7107 - Chromium Carbide – 20 % Nickel Chromium Powders

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    Product Data Sheet: Metco™ 1720A, Metco 1720B - Abrasion-Resistant Nickel-Based Powders for Clad Deposits

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    Product Data Sheet: Metco 42C, Diamalloy 1002 - Martensitic Stainless Steel Powders for Thermal Spray

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    Product Data Sheet: Metco 8280 - Iron-Chromium Amorphous Alloy

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    Product Data Sheet: Metco 8293 - Austenitic Iron Nickel Chromium Alloy

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    Product Data Sheet: Metco 1030A, Metco 1030B, Metco 8224 - Martensitic Matrix Hardfacing Alloy with Fine Scale, Extremely Hard Molybdenum Borides and Vanadium Carbides

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    Product Data Sheet: Metco 8453 - Highly Corrosion Resistant, Easily Applied Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Alloy

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    Product Data Sheet: Amdry™ MM509, Amdry MM509-C, Diamalloy™ 4060NS, Metco™ 1220 series, Metco 45C-NS, Metco 45VF-NS, Metco 1221, Metco 1223, Metco 8100, Metco 8101, Metco 8102, Metco 8103 - Cobalt Chromium [Nickel Tungsten Silicon] Carbon Alloy Products (Similar to Stellite, Ultimet, Mar M 509)

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