Press releases (11/15/16) Oerlikon Metco Presents Latest Specialized Powders for Additive Manufacturing Processes at Formnext

Winterthur, Switzerland — November 15, 2016 — Oerlikon Metco, a leading materials and surface solutions company, is pleased to announce that they will present an extended materials Portfolio specifically designed for additive manufacturing processes on Nov 15 – 18 at the Formnext show in Frankfurt, booth #3.1-C65.

Oerlikon Metco will showcase products from their MetcoAdd line for powder bed processes. "This is our first appearance at Formnext and we relish the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our products firsthand" states Mr. Florian Mauerer, Head of Business Unit Additive Manufacturing at Oerlikon. "Our visitors will have a chance to meet with our technology experts to discuss comprehensive additive man-ufacturing solutions and will benefit from our newest materials and assistance in developing parameters for their unique additive manufacturing needs."

Not only are MetcoAdd powders designed for use in these specific processes, they also undergo exten-sive in-house testing to ensure that customers can obtain optimal results for their applications. Analyses demonstrate these materials deliver manufactured components and surfaces with superior properties. For instance, the properties of printed parts created from MetcoAdd powders consistently meet or ex-ceed customers’ expectations. "Expanding our broad range of materials for specialized applications and coatings with powders explicitly designed for 3D printing is a natural extension of our business. It’s in our DNA," concludes Mr. Mauerer.

Oerlikon Metco’s manufacturing flexibility and experience in developing custom solutions enables an expanding portfolio that fits various market requirements. The MetcoAdd portfolio for additive manufac-turing now offers cobalt-based alloys, nickel-based alloys and superalloys, non-hardenable stainless steels, and high-strength stainless steels. The respective portfolio continues to grow to meet customer demands and requirements.

The company has an extensive background in product development and manufacturing with over 80 years of expertise in the production of specialized materials for critical applications. The firm also has a long history of serving the needs of customers who require tailored materials for critical applications in markets such as aviation, power generation, automotive, mining, petrochemical processing, oil and gas exploration and extraction, as well as general industry.

LM 2500 GT Engine High Pressure Turbine Blade Model and Powder Eductor printed using MetcoAdd 718A by selective laser melting process

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