Press releases (04/04/11) New SUMEBore Partners

New SUMEBore Partners Sulzer Metco has appointed Zzuhl, based in Birmingham, as an authorized dealer for its SUMEBore coatings. Zzuhl will offer the full range of SUMEBore cylinder bore coatings, ranging from metallic coatings through combined metallic/ceramic and full ceramic coatings. Furthermore Sulzer Metco established a new technical partnership with SUMEBore piston ring dealer Total Seal, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

ZzuhlTotal Seal and Sulzer Metco will be cooperating in the development of piston rings that are specifically designed for use with SUMEBore coatings. These rings will be designed to optimize the properties of low friction inherent to the coating" added Peter Ernst, Head of Automotive Venture within Sulzer Metco.

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