Press releases (09/22/11) Scania Euro 6 engine with SUMEBore technology

Scania Euro 6 engine with SUMEBore technology Truck manufacturer, Scania, debuts its new Euro 6 engines that combine innovative technology solutions to radically reduce emissions with low fuel consumption. To help achieve this innovative technology, the cylinder liners of the new Euro 6 engine are enhanced with Sulzer’s SUMEBore coating technology to reduce friction, increase fuel efficiency and improve corrosion and wear resistance.

Martin Lundstedt, executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Scania states, "We are proud of this impressive performance by our engineers and we are happy we can now offer it to our customers. We have done everything possible to avoid increased fuel consumption."

Peter Ernst, Head of Automotive Venture SUMEBore at Sulzer Metco adds, "SUMEBore coating solutions have been successfully used for more than ten years in various engines, including large series applications. Based on our long-standing experience and continuing development efforts, we have reached a high standard of technology and reliability. We now have successfully adapted our coating materials and system engineering developments to the mass production of cylinder liners for the new Scania engines."

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