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Oerlikon Metco’s Eldim Facility Celebrates 45 Years of OEM Partnership for Supply of Critical Gas Turbine Components

Winterthur, Switzerland — August 18, 2015 — Oerlikon Metco’s Eldim facility in Lomm, Nether-lands, marks its 45th anniversary with strong OEM and supplier relationships and a proactive approach to the creation of customer value. Forty five years ago, the Eldim facility was founded in the Netherlands by visionaries who set out to provide electrical discharge machining (EDM) services. From its inception, the facility focused on using superior manufacturing processes, solving the hardest problems, and delivering products that gave their customers’ a competitive advantage.

Today, the company’s innovative solutions positively impact the world’s premier aero and IGT OEMs, delivering a unique scope of in-house manufacturing capabilities and managing the total value chain. With new competences such as automated production cells, self-steering teams, highly qualified employees and a passion for process optimization, Eldim remains a trusted partner for development and production of aircraft and industrial gas turbine components. Its sheet metal and machined components such as honeycomb seals, inserts, and compressor vane assemblies improve aircraft engine efficiency and performance.

“Our long-term customer relationships are a testimony to the value we add as an industry leader,” states Head of Sales and Marketing Richard Van Den Dungen. “In 1970, the Eldim facility opened with the mindset that it would be successful and attract the most talented people in the industry by building superior EDM technology, nurturing an environment of partnership and innovation, and customer commitment to a high standard of quality. We have demonstrated this over 45 years and we look forward to continuing that culture of innovation and our unyielding pursuit of excellence."

Since the foundation of the initial facility in the Netherlands, Oerlikon Metco’s Eldim business line has expanded to include honeycomb design, manufacture and logistics in Stockport, UK as well as an additional component production facility in Debrecen, Hungary.

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