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Additional Nadcap Approval Well-Positions Oerlikon Metco to Meet the Growing Demand for Aerospace Coatings

Wohlen, Switzerland, October 30, 2014 — Oerlikon Metco announces Nadcap approval to SAE Aerospace Standard AS7003 for Oerlikon Metco Coatings GmbH, Salzgitter, Germany. The company, who has long-standing Nadcap approvals for its materials production facilities, can now support aerospace customers with coating services offerings.

Aerospace, most specifically the aero engine industry, has an ever-increasing demand for highperformance coatings. This is particularly true for components in the hottest section of engines where the elevated temperatures encountered necessitate the use of ceramic coatings. Oerlikon Metco’s long-standing tradition of high temperature coating solution development for gas turbines serves the aerospace and power generation industries with specialized equipment and materials that produce coatings of the highest quality. Such coatings are used to protect the components from thermal fatigue, oxidation and high temperature corrosion, as well as enhancing engine efficiency. In addition, Oerlikon Metco’s unique portfolio of ceramic abradable solutions control tight clearances between static and dynamic components for efficiency improvement and increased safety margins.

Recently, Oerlikon Metco added Laser Cladding to its portfolio of processes and Oerlikon Metco Coating Services has commissioned a Micro Laser Cladding unit to provide three-dimensional surface structuring for aerospace components. Accreditation of the Coating Service business to Nadcap Aerospace Standards gives aerospace customers an additional option for their “make or buy” decisions.

Oerlikon Metco Head of Coating Services Anthony Herbert said, “The investments we have made position us well to meet growing market demand for aerospace coatings of the latest designs. Oerlikon Metco has partnered with a major aerospace company to develop a new type of coating system and bring it to a level where it can reliably and cost effectively be applied on customer parts.”

Oerlikon Metco Aerospace Market Segment Manager Dr. Dieter Sporer said, “Receiving Nadcap accreditation of our service business is a great achievement for Oerlikon Metco and marks the roll out of a broadened service portfolio to our aerospace customers. The entire team is energized and excited to herald this new phase of our growth path.”

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