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Powder morphology has a decisive influence on the successful integration of the bone with an implant: An ideal material that produces very porous surfaces, is Hunter Sponge Titanium powder, used in medical thermal spray applications. A unique Oerlikon Metco development now eliminates their major drawbacks and increase their efficiency in medical implant production.

Needle-free Advantages: Hunter Sponge Titanium Powders

While the morphology of Hunter Sponge Titanium powder allows for creating enhanced porous coatings, the material has one major disadvantage: It contains needle-like particles that can be up to 1 mm (0.04 in) long and frequently clog equipment such as the powder ports on thermal spray guns.

Oerlikon Metco’s unique, newly designed Hunter Sponge Titanium products without needles:

  • Increase production rates by 400%
  • Reduce cost for additional work and downtime
  • Increase safety, because the operator doesn’t have to go into the spray chamber as often
  • Ensure more reliable, repeatable coatings

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