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Ground engaging tools (GETs) such as bucket teeth, cutting edge shroud or track pad grousers are constantly subject to impact, high and low stress abrasion and high and low stress gouging. Oerlikon Metco’s unique new computationally developed ferrous-based welding alloys provide unparalleled impact resistance while saving cost and improving efficiency.

Crack-Free Performance

Oerlikon Metco’s new material solutions solve your need for materials that enhance performance and extend GET service life. They are not only designed to perform similar to tungsten carbide (WC)-based materials — they excel through lower crack susceptibility or even crack-free performance.

Weld On-site — With Conventional GMAW (MIG) Equipment

As a leader in the development of materials for the hard-rock mining sector, we also know about the importance to weld on-site. Therefore, our GET materials can be applied using conventional GMAW welding equipment.

  • High wear resistance and high impact resistance increase service life by 30% to 300% depending on the application
  • Less frequent changeout of components reduce machine downtime, lower labor costs and allow for lower overall maintenance cost
  • Increased digging efficiency
  • Hardfacing maintains the designed geometry of the GET, minimizing “blunting”
  • Increased efficiencies, lower changeout costs, and reduced logistical burden result in lower costs per hour of digging and lower cost per ton of ore processed
  • Easier application: only one material is needed, and it can be applied using standard GMAW welding equipment

Key GMAW Materials

  • Metco 8250
  • Metco 8233
  • Metco 8226
  • Metco 8224
  • Metco 8248

Key PTA Laser Materials

  • Metco 1040A
  • Metco 1030A
  • Metco 1051A
  • Metco 51322
  • Metco 51027

Case Studies

  • The GETs on a hydraulic shovel on a gold mine in Nevada, USA, lasted 3 to 4 times longer when Metco 8247 was applied onto them using a standard GMAW compared to unhardfaced GET’s. Other hard facing materials could not be applied to the GET’s due the crack susceptibility of the GET itself. Metco 8247 is a hard abrasion and impact resistant alloy uniquely designed for crack free performance.
  • The non-hardfaced shovel teeth in a US gold mine only lasted for one week due to high impact. Their service life was extended to five weeks when they were hardfaced with Metco 8224, the only material to provide lasting performance in this high impact application.
  • The teeth of a bucket at a customer in Indonesia lasted 1.75 to 3 times longer when hardfaced with Metco 8224, compared to unhardfaced teeth and the historical average of a competitor material.
  • Hardfaced teeth last longer ~1.75 to 3X longer than unhardfaced teeth
  • Bucket with Metco 8224 hardfaced teeth lasted longer than the competitor historical average

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