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For decades, regulatory bodies focused on vehicle engine emissions. But today we know that only 19% of the total PM10 traffic emissions are the result of engine emissions, while as much as 31% come from vehicular brake systems.* As a result, stricter regulations for PM10 traffic emissions and regulations for braking systems are being formulated by governments worldwide. Oerlikon’s surface solutions for brake discs minimize fine dust and corrosion, and boost performance and appearance. And we already have them on the road…

Brake Discs

Minimize Fine Dust and Corrosion

We know that the right brake disc coating depends on environmental conditions (humidity, exposure to salts, road particulate, etc.) and mechanical stresses (vehicle weight, traffic conditions, etc.)

  • Brake discs for electric cars need increased protection
  • Our DiscCover™ solutions combine corrosion and wear resistance to ensure top performance in all situations
  • We can help brake system manufacturers and designers prepare for stricter regulations by significantly reducing fine dust and extending disc life.

Our three brake disc solutions provide exactly the level of corrosion and wear resistance to match your protection and cost requirements:

  1. DiscCover™ Eco, the perfect solution for high volume markets and e-mobility
  2. DiscCover™ Jet, the competitive solution for the premium segment and commercial vehicles
  3. DiscCover™ Beam, the ideal solution for the premium and performance sector

Oerlikon’s engineers are ready to work with you to determine the right solution for your brake disc application as we continue to develop new solutions for this rapidly emerging market

* Dan Wakeling: The Contribution of Brake Wear Emissions to Particulate Matter in Ambient Air (Eurobrake 2018 presentation)

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