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Increasing Customer Value in Competitive Market Environments

Achieving More with Less

Our ambition at Oerlikon Metco is as simple as it is challenging: We empower our customers to achieve more with less. That means greater performance, higher efficiency, longer machine and component life, higher productivity and — ultimately — better profitability. And all this with fewer precious and scarcer resources, and at lower cost, resulting in sustainability and an attractive cost-performance ratio.

Download Solutions

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    Solutions Flash: Corrosion-Resistant Compressor Abradable Reduces Maintenance and Operating Costs

  • pdf (1.67 MB, 0)

    Solutions Flash: Rapid Validation of Turbomachinery Abradable Systems Using Oerlikon Metco’s Rub-Test Facility

  • pdf (1.24 MB)

    Solutions Flash: Improved Surface Protection for Marine and Non-Marine Hydraulic Rods

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    Innovative oil and gas solutions engineered for exploration and production components.

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