Oil & Gas

Our innovative coatings extend service life. We offer wear coatings with matrixes tailored for various corrosive environments, decrease drill string trips, as well as, barrier and sacrificial corrosion control coatings for pipelines, pipeworks and offshore applications. Among Oerlikon Metco's many other material products for oil and gas applications, we are pleased to present breakthrough materials developed using our patented Scoperta™ computational alloy development process.

Amorphous Abrasion-Resistant Coating Material

Metco 8280 is a hard facing thermal spray material designed specifically for the electric arc wire spray process.  A focused design has led to a unique alloy with excellent spray characteristics. Metco 8280 produces highly adherent coatings with bond strengths of 69 MPa (10,000 psi) when sprayed at a variety of angles, distances, and traverse rates.  High adhesion coupled with high particle hardness equate to the superior abrasion resistance of Metco 8280 coatings.

Self-Sealing Corrosion Resistant Coating Material

Metco 8463 is a corrosion resistant thermal spray alloy.  Coatings of Metco 8463 combine the high corrosion performance of alloy C276 with exceptional adhesion of 69 MPa (10,000 psi) over a wide spray processing window.  The result is a coating that always adheres to the substrate allowing it to perform consistently over large areas and difficult to spray areas.  It is utilized worldwide to protect refinery vessels from high temperature corrosion.

Chromium-Free Hard facing Material

Metco 8201 is a hard facing thermal spray material that is completely free of chromium. The lack of chromium in the alloy does not equate to a drop in performance. Thus, Metco 8201 is an uncompromised solution of high performance and environmental friendliness.

Thickness-Readable Hard facing Material

Metco 8294 is a hard facing thermal spray material with an added benefit. The thickness of Metco 8294 coatings can be accurately measured with a standard electromagnetic thickness gauge in the as-sprayed condition and after exposure to high temperatures. Metco 8294 is a perfect solution for power generation boilers and other applications where it is critical to measure coating thickness for surface refurbishment.

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