Oerlikon Metco is a leading surface solutions provider with a global presence. We are focused on supporting our customers with specialized components and innovative surface engineering products and services, using advanced coating and surface enhancement technologies.

We enhance surfaces and provide specialized components, coating equipment, and materials, using advanced coating and surface enhancement technologies. Our innovative solutions improve performance and increase the efficiency and reliability of our customers’ products.

Specialized services

Oerlikon Metco coats and enhances surfaces, offers specialized coating services, coating equipment and materials, and develops machining processes for specialized components. Our vision is to be the leading global surface solution company by providing innovative and high-quality products and services to our customers.

Global network

Our leading-edge coating solutions, materials, equipment, services, and components are delivered through a global sales, customer support, and manufacturing network. We support our customers in the power generation, aviation, automotive, and other industrial markets. 

Core values

At Oerlikon Metco, we are dedicated to creating value for our customers by living Oerlikon’s core values of:

Integrity - Everything we build, we build on trust.
Team Spirit - I care about the team, the team cares about me.
Excellence - What we do, we do best.
Innovation - Ideas come from everybody and everywhere in the organization.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Innovative and sustainable solutions through intensive research and development
  • Surface engineering, applications, and process expertise
  • Increased profitability through economic surface enhancement solutions that improve product life, reliability and performance
  • Safety and security through protection of critical components against wear and corrosion
  • Unique and comprehensive service to all our customers through our global network
  • Extensive range of high-quality products and services that include standard and tailor-made solutions


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