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Metco LFS 400

Feeding of extremely fine, sub-micron and nanostructured powders is problematic for conventional thermal spray powder feeders.

The Metco LFS 400 suspension feeder provides pulse-free operation and maintains a consistent suspension without sedimentation. It can be used with a variety of mediums as the liquid phase, such as water, ethanol, methanol and precursors. It can feed solid phase powders of almost any composition, including ceramics, metals, alloys and carbides.

As a standalone feeder, the Metco LFS 400 can be operated with any existing atmospheric plasma spray system.

Spray gun compatibility:

  • TriplexPro-210
  • SinplexPro series
  • F4MB-XL
  • Metco 9MBM

The powder injectors are designed for liquid suspension feeding.

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