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Oerlikon Metco’s 25 Years of Strategic Partnership in Latin America Proves Successful

Oerlikon Metco works with many esteemed business partners to extend its sales network in strategic locations throughout the world. In South America, SIANCO was one of the company’s first distributor alliances initiated by Oerlikon Metco, making the long-lasting business relationship between the two companies highly valuable to both partners and beneficial to customers in the region. SIANCO S.A. represents Oerlikon Metco in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

With SIANCO as our distributor, we’ve increased considerably our presence in these countries and provide this region the highest quality customer service,” said Steven Ort, Vice-President of Sales Americas at Oerlikon Metco. “Our goal is to continuously improve our customers’ capabilities in thermal spray and other coating technologies to meet the increasing demands for surface solutions in the marketplace. Through our partnership with SIANCO, we’ve been able to leverage our support infrastructure to achieve our objectives and satisfy our customers’ needs with complete and innovative coating solutions.”

Industries such as oil and gas, heavy machinery, construction, mining, machining and other industrial businesses benefit from coating technologies through a wide-range of solutions for wear resistance, corrosion control, and other surface enhancements. For example, alternatives for hard-chromium plating that improve the service life of heavy equipment. Likewise, in the mining industry, producers increase uptime with carbide coatings on mining equipment applied using thermal spray, welded overlays, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and laser cladding technologies.

Andre O’Czerny, Sales Director for Latin America, recently congratulated SIANCO by presenting Bruno Giuntini, the company’s president and founder, with a plaque honoring 25 years of fruitful collaboration. “Our business relationship with SIANCO is one that we value greatly,” commented O’Czerny. “We applaud SIANCO, S.A. on 25 years of success and we’re looking forward to the future as we continue to work together to provide high quality surface technology products to our customers in South America.”

SIANCO S.A. provides high quality thermal spray products, welding materials, and excellent customer service in the surface solutions industry. The company has a rich culture and history as a leading distributor of analytical equipment for laboratories and has an analytical chemistry laboratory division.

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