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Winterthur, Switzerland — July 21, 2015 — Oerlikon Metco enhances their ‘close to customer’ strategy with thermal spray carbides manufactured in China.

To serve the growing local demand, Oerlikon Metco is now able to offer high quality, thermal spray carbide powders that are produced in and distributed solely to customers within mainland China.

The new products target industrial customers that require consistent and reliable materials for their applications. While the products are identical to those Oerlikon Metco produces in Barchfeld, Germany and offers on a worldwide basis, manufacture of these materials in China allows the company to serve the Chinese market more efficiently.

“The demand for such products is evident and allows us to meet the needs of our Chinese customers in every respect,” states Stefan Zimmerman, Oerlikon Metco Product Line Manager for Carbide Materials. “While our current portfolio of these products is currently limited to a selection of our most popular materials, we anticipate future expansion of this portfolio and the robust sales growth in the Chinese market that would come with it.”

The company is well known for their WOKA™ product brand carbide materials that are used extensively in the oil & gas, paper manufacture, mining and heavy equipment markets. Previously, these materials were only produced by Oerlikon Metco’s Barchfeld facility, which already serves major markets in the Americas, Europe and other Asian countries very efficiently and effectively. Expansion of production capabilities in China allows Chinese customers better access to these materials through simplified logistics.

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