Press releases (10/02/12) Market Shift in Atmospheric Plasma Spray Technology

Market Shift in Atmospheric Plasma Spray Technology Sulzer Metco, a leading surface solutions provider, recently announced the sale of their 100th TriplexPro-based atmospheric plasma spray system.

The TriplexPro plasma spray gun design is based on a cascading arc and triple-cathode technology engineered such that the plasma arc stability is independent of gas flow. Thus, consistent high-quality coatings are attained with very high feedstock throughput. Thermal spray systems based on the TriplexPro technology provide unparalleled efficiency gains and process cost reductions.

"The TriplexPro consistently lives up to our and our customers’ expectations," remarked Steven Ort, Product Line Manager for Thermal Spray Equipment. "While other high-efficiency plasma guns have been introduced, the market has recognized the reliability and proven track record of this spray gun. When reviewing papers given at the ITSC (International Thermal Spray Conference) involving atmospheric plasma spray, the predominant gun discussed in recent years has been the TriplexPro. This trend, coupled with Sulzer Metco’s milestone sales achievement, is a strong indication of an industry shift towards this more efficient technology."  

“There is nothing temperamental about the TriplexPro,” states Chris Dambra, Manager Coatings Solutions Center – Americas. “Once a spray parameter has been established, the TriplexPro easily hits and maintains the process window. That fact alone makes the TriplexPro a preferred option for our customers.” 

Over 85 percent of the TriplexPro-based systems sold so far are for high volume production. Sulzer Metco uses their unique portfolio to combine their materials expertise with a highly experienced systems integration team and coating solution centers to provide customers that purchase a Sulzer Metco spray system with a complete surface solution package.

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