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The second step after doffing is the transportation of the bobbins to the intermediate storage or in some applications directly to the packing system. Oerlikon Barmag employs two different basic concepts in order to achieve this functionality.



Automatic overhead transportation by means of the Oerlikon Barmag Bobbin Railway System (BRS). The Bobbin Railway System is mainly used in combination with the Oerlikon Barmag SD1 doffer system.


An alternative is the use of floor based Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV). The AGV system applies a combined doffing and transportation function. 

AGV systems are of advantage especially in plants with low room heights, when it is not possible to install a suspended transportation system in the overhead region safe for the personnel.

Quality Control

Online bobbin inspection in the visual inspection station. All data is transferred online to the main server of the installation.

Thus an immediate feedback signal can be submitted to the production area in case of quality fluctuations.

Bobbin Weigher

Precise weight determination of each bobbin in a doff by the fully automatic bobbin weigher including automatic calibration of weighing cells. The precise data allow for weight cross-checking to detect temporarily jumped filaments.

Key features

  • Iintegrated inspection and laboratory
  • Single platform for data ans quality management
  • Errore free data and product tracking


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