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The packing line is the fourth step of an automatic filament handling system. Here the highest degree of customization is required. Therefore it benefits most from Oerlikon Barmag´s general design concept. The end-user's requirements regarding bobbin packing and box palletizing are extremely variable.

Innovative Packing systems for Highest Efficiency

By using well proven strategies Oerlikon Barmag manages to accommodate all packing requirements with minimum hardware efforts.

The packing concepts and the packing machines provide the key to the effective realization of these highly customized systems often resulting in reduction of packing material combined with lower shipment costs.

Dense Packing System

The sensational “Dense Packing System” for DTY bobbins and similar products using a 6-axis jointed-arm robot, wellknown from the automobile industry and highly sophisticated software to place each single bobbin according to a pre-calculated pattern. Optimal usage of the available space guaranteed, regardless of the bobbin’s diameter.

Box Array Palletizing

Palletizing of small boxes onto a shipping pallet. Any pattern can be arranged on request due to the flexibility of the modular design concept. 

Key Features

  • No touch = no damage
  • Perfectly built pallets
  • Human error eliminated
  • Also available as standalone package with packing from creel cart


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