Solutions for the manufacture of monofilaments and tapes

Solutions for the manufacture of monofilaments and tapes

Grass is being grown using Oerlikon Barmag’s state-of-the-art extrusion systems:

Today, artificial turf yarns made from monofilaments are being manufactured in the most diverse shapes and colors. Two of three different colors are integrated into the yarn simulating the blade of grass to achieve the most natural look possible for the artificial turf.

And the end product is just as diverse as the artificial blades of grass themselves: artificial turf is used both for sports facilities and in landscaping.

Monofilament yarns and tapes are also used as agricultural textiles such as baler twines and wind-protection netting, bulk goods sacks, carpet backing and geotextiles.

As a solutions provider, Oerlikon Barmag’s portfolio also includes the downstream production steps – including texturing and twisting.

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