Solutions for manufacturing polymers

Solutions for manufacturing polymers

Homogenous melt is the very basis for high-quality yarn. Producing this is the job of our efficient and high-end poly-condensation systems for fiber-grade and bottle-grade polyester melt and granulate.

The engineering services for the complex systems – built in collaboration with well-known partners – are provided by highly-qualified specialists from all divisions of the global Oerlikon Manmade Fibers network.

This allows the yarn producer to secure all process steps – from the unloading of the purified terephthalic acid, polycondensation and spinning plant all the way through to texturing – all from one hand. This means optimum tuning of the individual production steps and system components, hence guaranteeing the very best product quality and a high degree of production efficiency from the melt through to the yarn itself.

The benefits of an in-house polycondensation system for yarn producers are clear to see: in addition to independence from external granulate manufacturers, short-term price fluctuations within the raw materials market and direct influence on polymer quality, it is – above all – the additional value added that promises further profits.

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