Winders for high-performance yarns

Winders for high-performance yarns

Above all, aramids are used in the safety sector. Tire cord and sails, bullet-proof vests and an asbestos substitute in fire protection – this is just a small selection of the diverse applications. Rayon, or coarse viscose, is predominantly used as tire cord in high-speed and truck tires or in tires for agricultural vehicles, while polyethylene is deployed in ballistics, for the manufacture of ropes and in medical applications.

A further, major area is fiber compound materials: the material is used wherever light, but nevertheless stable, structures are required. The materials are deployed in the automobile construction sector, in the civil aviation industry, in sports, in wind power systems and in architecture. To this end, the manufacture of the fundamental fibers – carbon fiber, aramid and also UHMWPE (polyethylene) – is extremely complex and challenging.

Special yarns are not only deployed in special applications, they also require special processing methods and techniques. With its automatic WinOro precision winder and its manual counterpart, the WinDuro, Oerlikon Barmag has the ideal winders for these high-performance fibers. Gentle yarn treatment and perfect package build, energy efficiency and high profitability – particularly in the case of the two-end winder variant – all make the series the perfect solution for challenging special yarns.

The WinTrax was developed specifically for sensitive carbon fibers. WinTrax is the solution for the economic production of carbon fibers of the very highest quality with a simultaneously perfect package build. Flexible, simple to operate and with minimum maintenance requirements, WinTrax is available either as a manual or as an automatic winder.

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