Winders for special applications

Winders for special applications

It is essential for all those wishing to keep up with rapidly-changing technologies and market requirements to constantly replace their aging spinning systems. Frequently, simply replacing core components is sufficient to remain competitive.

And it is modernizing the take-up system that is particularly promising. With the ASW, the babyASW and the WinTens, the Oerlikon Barmag winder portfolio offers a range of versatile high-speed winders.

The winders of the Chemnitz-based specialty product expert are diverse, both in terms of processes and materials and in terms of yarn applications: POY, FDY or industrial yarn, polyamide, polyester or polypropylene, textile microfilament yarns or industrial yarns with thicker titers – these multi-talented products are perfect for virtually any challenge.

To this end, the automatic high-speed winders guarantee precise package build and hence superlative package quality, while ensuring energy and efficiency increases.

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